BENTLY SPECIAL 

Bentley The Past in 1919-1931

The famous Bentley create, erected by Mr. W.O. Bentley, lived as an independent company for only twelve years (1919-1931) before the Rolls Royce engine company took over the proud business. Those twelve exhilarating Bentley years were loaded with racing wins and many significant victories. The Bentley name as a builder of large, weighty, vital, and rugged sports cars has been imprinted in the human sense since the “roaring” 1920ies.

Bentley motorcars won the favorite 24 hours of Le Man’s race in 1924, 1927, 1928, 1929, and 1930. Although they did not win the lengthy-distance reliability race for production cars in the years, they finished second or third. Not only wins at Le Mans were calculated but also victories in other lengthy-distance affairs like the Brooklands 500-mile race. The racing successes were mainly due to the solid build of the cars and the careful preparation of the vehicles. In every race, they understood and had the cars improved on little but major components (Headlamp covers, mesh gauze on the petrol tank, quick fill caps for motor oil and radiator, and driver-adjustable brakes.)


The Bentley 3 Litre was W.O. Bentley’s first sketch. The car was introduced in 1919, but the first motorcars were sold in 1921. The four-cylinder autos of the rugged structure were in a class of their own, for they connected the height and comfort of the large tourers and bars with the road holding and acceleration of the more minor sports- and racing cars. The Bentley was a real owner-driver car for the sporting motorist and connoisseur. The Bentley car could be had in three extra classes, which were fixed with three other radiator badges*. Red badge: short chassis velocity model, Blue badge: the earlier short and then long chassis style for custom bodywork, Green badge: scarce and operated for about eighteen 100 mph. These Green badge cars were gained at Le Mans in 1924 and 1927 (Old Number Seven.) The 3-Litre was made from 1919 until 1929.

*The Bentley radiator and the symbol were created by the genius motoring creator Gordon Crosby. The stamp is a ‘badge’ and not a ‘label’ as expressed by AFC Halstead in his textbook ‘Bentley Days’ (issued 1953).

6.5 Litre and Acceleration Six

Then in 1926, the 6.5 Litre and the Acceleration Six were shown; these six-cylinder samples were in the eyesight of W.O. Bentley, the most suitable cars the Bentley company ever made. The more considerable power was required for many clients who had built a bespoke weighty bar body on their chassis and thus destroyed the sporting part the chassis had to show. The Speed Six obtained Bentley’s most racing victories and Le Man’s successes. In 1929, the Speed Six arrived home first, with Bentley 4.5 Litres second, third and fourth! In 1930 the exact Bentley Speed Six’ Old Number one came home a victor tracked by another Speed six in the second position!


4.5 Litre

Next reached the heightened four-cylinder Bentley 4.5 Litre in the year 1927. The 4.5 Litre promotes four valves per cylinder and two spark pins per cylinder machine. Most of these automobiles were given open tourer and taproom bodywork, and only nine short chassis were made.


4.5 Litre Supercharged (boaster)

The 4.5 Litre boaster was made in the ‘Barnato’ duration and financed by the Hon. Dorothy Paget Tim Birkin vigorously tested at Brooklands with his blower Bentley and earned the Brooklands lap history with his Blower Bentley. As Woolf Barnato was now in control of the Bentley company, and W.O. was now only reliable for the growth of the Bentley cars, Birkin persuaded Barnato to enter a different section of Blower Bentleys for the 1930 Le Man’s race. This was against W.O. Bentley’s thoughts, for he believed that the supercharger would only add risk to a perfect and reliable engine. 

The supercharged 4.5 Litre machines were real “gas-guzzlers“; the naturally aspirated 4.5 Litre motor used one liter of petrol every 5.6 kilometers, the supercharged engine operated one liter for just 3.5 kilometers, and a vast petrol tank was served additionally.

Another difficulty was that the spark pins in the supercharged motor wore out very quickly, failing control. Bentley engineer Nobby Clarke said one day: “The blower eats spark corks like a donkey consumes hay.” Only 55 Bentley 4.5 Litre’ blower’ cars have been built by the company of which 26 held the Van den Plas open tourer bodywork.



In 1931 the most amazing Bentley model ever noticed the morning of the day; was the 8-Litre. This car can be regarded as a true ‘supercar.’ But, unfortunately, only 100 of these big cars have been created.


4- Litre

Also, in 1931 a downscaled 8-Litre was raised, the 4-Litre. The car was invented to deal with more cars to enhance the bulky economic position at Bentley. The 1929 Wall Street crash affected the company immensely. The 4-Litre featured the chassis, information, and brakes of the 8-litre. The recently created 120 bhp ‘Ricardo’ machine proved underpowered for the chassis, and as a result, the 4-liter never evolved the win Bentley wished for. Only 50 chassis were built.


1931 Rolls Royce takes over

In 1931 industry prospects were examined very black, and the company went into receivership. Napier & Son dealt with Bentley’s receiver to take over the firm. Then another interested party came at the scene named British Central Equitable Trust. They outbid Napiers in a locked bid auction. The Trust was later discovered to be a show for Rolls-Royce Limited. Rolls Royce had cleverly beaten the danger of a company that could evolve into a very unpleasant competitor.

From 1933 all Bentley automobiles were founded upon their Rolls-Royce partners, and the show was transferred from Cricklewood to Derby. Purists tend to name the Rolls Royce-manufacture cars – Rolls Royce Bentley. Rolls Royce carried good maintenance of the Bentley’ marque’. Many magnificent automobiles were built with distinctively various personalities than the Rolls Royce ideals.

Details for Bently Special

Bentley Special 3/8 Racer, era chassis 1949. This unique Bentley Special was built by Racing Green Engineering of South Wales U.K. and finished in 2018. Shade dark British Racing Green with creme white striping, high gloss black chassis, and dark green smeared wire wheels. The Interior with a flat black dashboard, black rubber floor trim, and pails consume salad with brown leather upholstery.

This incredible machine is established on a 1949 Bentley Mk VI chassis which was restored and strengthened to take the also completely rebuilt Bentley B81 6516 cc straight-eight motor and the four-acceleration (fully synchronized) manual Bentley gearbox. The bodywork is a masterwork of craftsmanship. The structure was inspired by the lines and elements of vintage racing cars and masterly made by the artisans of Racing Green Engineering. The build and finish of this device are of the finest grade you will find in a vintage car drive. This Bentley is in a great and fresh state, and the auto has moved 4200 kilometers since fruition.

The driving knowledge sticks to all your feels; the large eight-cylinder in-line motor pulls like a locomotive, and the exhaust note reaches an angry flood. The high view around and the idea over the muscular bonnet and front wings make one sense, like a boxer plane pilot on the route. This Racing Green Engineering Bentley Special drives, shifts, brakes, and handles exceptionally well and efficiently for such a large, heavy, and robust machine. 

Information Model Information

Technical details:

Eight-cylinder in-line machine.

cylinder ability: 6516 cc

induction: 4 x S.U. H6 carburetors

power: good

torque: good

top-speed: trusts in selected final gear (satisfactory)

gearbox: 4-speed manual

brakes: hydraulic front drum brakes, automatic rear drum brakes,

assisted by mechanically operated servo

wheels: 19-inch wire spins with knock-on stainless-steel spinners (rotation nuts)

tyres: 19 x 6.50.

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