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Hong Kong Kitchen

Hong Kong Kitchen

Welcome to our online ordering system. If you are new to us, you can use this site to place orders for delivery or takeout. We also have a drop-off service for customers who want their food delivered directly to their doorstep.

Hong Kong Kitchen

Hong Kong Kitchen is a local restaurant that offers delivery, takeaways, and dine-in options in various locations. Ordering from Hong Kong Kitchen is simple: choose your meal from the menu, select how you want it cooked (if applicable), place your order by phone or using their website and wait for our team to deliver it!

If you need more time to get up to cook yourself at home, then there are plenty of other ways that we can help with our delicious food! We offer takeaway services all over London, including Oxford Circus, Covent Garden & Camden Market, as well as restaurants across Central London like Soho Square & Leicester Square, which means there’s always somewhere convenient near where ever you happen to be living at present living life like royalty using these fantastic services provided by our company called “Hong Kong Kitchen.”

Chinese Food

Chinese food is known for its variety. You can find numerous dishes on the menu, each with a unique taste and texture. The main ingredients in Chinese cooking are rice, noodles, vegetables, and meats such as chicken or beef. Chinese restaurants also offer a wide range of side dishes, including dumplings (pot stickers), fried rice, or noodle soups like beef brisket.

Online Ordering

Online ordering is the best way to deliver a great meal to your door. You can place an order for just about any dish on our menu, including takeout and delivery. If you prefer not to order at home but would still like to enjoy some of our delicious food, we have a couple of options for you: call in your order. We’re happy to deliver if there is space in our schedule!

Open 24 Hours

Hong Kong Kitchen is a takeout restaurant that serves the most delicious and authentic Chinese food in Hong Kong. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


We offer you a wide range of dishes,, including dim sum and chow mein. We also have a variety of drinks to suit your tastes, so whether it’s an evening meal or just a snack, there will be nothing left on our menu that isn’t delicious!

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