How Does Cord-Cutting Affect The Other Person?

How Does Cord-Cutting Affect The Other Person

  How Does Cord-Cutting Affect The Other Person?

Cord cutting is a trend that is growing in popularity. Many people cut the cord from traditional cable TV and other services. This means they no longer need to be tethered to their televisions, computers, or other devices by cords that can be tripped over or broken easily. However, there are some considerations you should think through before making this change:

A person’s energy field can get tangled with another person.

If you’ve ever had the experience of being around someone who’s been cord-cutting and then trying to talk to them, you know that it can be difficult. The energy field between two people can get tangled up when one person is using their phone or computer while the other is watching TV—and if both people are still connected in some way (through social media), those cords will also be taut.

If you intend to connect with someone, but they’re distracted by their device and don’t seem interested in what you have to say, this might make sense; however, there may also be another explanation: they’re feeling anxious because they feel like they’re missing out on something else that matters more than talking with you right now (maybe even something happening online).

You can unsuspectingly carry someone else’s burdens.

When you’re in the presence of someone unhappy, it’s easy to feel like you have another person’s problems on your shoulders. You can pick up energy from that person and carry their burdens without even realizing it—and this can be very difficult for them. If a friend or family member needs support and encouragement but doesn’t want to ask for it directly, don’t take responsibility for making things better; offer what help you can when they ask.

To stay calm while dealing with negative emotions (such as anger), we may need help from others who are very upset. But if we’re too caught up in our issues, we’ll be unable to give empathy back! It’s important not only not to take on someone else’s burden, but also not to let them take yours either!

You can pick up energy from other people.

Energy is information that can be transferred from one person to another. It’s what you do when talking, smiling, or touching someone. Energy is transmitted through the exchange of energy between two people. For example, when you feel someone’s arm or hand. Your body absorbs its energy through physical contact. And transfers it back out again through vibrations along nerve cells (which travel throughout your entire body).

Energy also exists in our environment—for example: if there’s a light switch nearby somewhere near where I’m sitting right now writing this article on my laptop computer. While drinking coffee from Starbucks’ new mocha frappuccino drink (which tastes like chocolatey goodness). I’m absorbing some of those photons because they’ve been reflected off its shiny surface into my eyesight!

Often the other person responds to the changes that occur in you.

You’re likely to notice changes in your partner, who may be aware of the changes you’re going through. For example, if you stop watching TV. And spend more time online or reading a book. Your partner will likely notice this and ask what’s happening.

If their response is positive (or at least neutral), they’re showing support for your decision-making process—and there’s no reason this can’t continue into other areas of life together!

Cutting cords affects the other person and yourself, so be aware and considerate of that.

You’re not the only one who will notice a change. Your partner or family members will also be affected by what you’re doing, but they may not know it. They may feel something is wrong with them, or their relationship isn’t working anymore because of this cord-cutting.

They might think that the change in you means something wrong about them. Or maybe even believe it’s their fault for making the change themselves!


Cord-cutting and cord-cutting relationships are a lot like any other relationship. They can be difficult, but understanding the other person’s feelings and needs will help both parties in the long run. So, you will learn complete information about”How Does Cord-Cutting Affect The Other Person?” in this article.

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