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How tall Is Dr. Disrespect

How tall Is Dr. Disrespect

How tall Is dr Disrespect


Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, aka the mythical “Dr. DisRespect”, is an American streamer. He is wildly famous for his fiery antics and superb qualities on YouTube. Doc is a massive name on the streaming Earth, with nearly four million subs on the forum and 4.5 million followers on Twitch.

The YouTube star began his streaming work in 2011 by uploading Call of Duty videos and became associated with Sledgehammer Games. Dr. Disrespect is credited with having operated on multiple COD: Advanced Warfare maps, and after quitting his job in 2015, he began pouring full-time on Twitch.


His daunting stature

The Doc has held over the years that he is 6 foot 8 inches tall, and multiple have challenged him. In his H3 podcast interview, Ethan the interviewer, remarks that he thought it was a bluff, but visiting him in real life has altered his opinion:

“When I first observed your stream, you were like, ‘I’m 6’8”’. And I’m tasting, what? This guy is a f*cking comedian, correct? Who’s 6’8”? And now that I notice you’re 6’8 “…”

As it turns out, he is that tall, and the proof helps that. Here is a picture from 2018 tweeted by Dr. Disrespect, where he can be noticed taking a photo with fellow streamers Shroud and Justin. Notably, the Doc towers over somebody.

He was actually on a college basketball team in the NCAA Division II. That said, Dr. Disrespect forever wears heavy-duty boots, so his actual height is more likely to be around 6’6” to 6’7”.


Persona and style

Dr. Disrespect is not just another streamer recreating Warzone, as he puts himself apart through his unique 1980s rockstar style. The Doc is understood for his signature sunglasses and mullet-wig look, something he never flows without.

Faithful to his name, the Doc plays a disrespectful foul-mouthed personality who does not shy away from speaking his feelings in an over-the-top way. In a 2017 article, ESPN told him he was “a WWE personality in the competitive gaming globe.”



As one can talk, his ostentatious characterization has led him into danger multiple times. His outspoken kind can touch insensitive at duration, and his first central ban on Twitch indicates the problem.

Dr Disrespect was following E3 2019 when he joined one of the bathrooms of the expo with his camera team, breaking Twitch’s TOS and incurring its wrath. In 2020, he was forever banned from the site for unknown reasons, kickstarting his YouTube streaming job.

Suffice it to tell that the Doc is no stranger to controversies, but that has never prevented his fanbase. In his first bow on YouTube, 330,000 concurrent watchers graced the stream, showing their help for the streamer.

The American has been at the top of the play for a final couple of years, and his Warzone streams draw thousands of viewers and accrue hundreds of thousands of ideas per day. Dr. Disrespect has been streaming a lot of Warzone lately with TimTheTatman, and fans of both streamers certainly love the dynamic duo.


Disrespect is a towering 6-foot-8

When somebody says that Dr. Disrespect is tall, they’re cute doing the furthest items from exaggerating. The Doc is 6-foot-8, which is suitable for your average NBA player. That picture above? That’s him with MMA warrior Demetrious Johnson, who stands at 5-foot-3. The difference is gosh darn staggering. It’s no surprise people are questioning, “How tall is Dr. Disrespect?” The man looks like a giant next to just about any other someone.

Indeed with a structure like that, Dr. Disrespect had to have played basketball, good? Yes absolutely. He recreated for Division 2 Cal Poly. Here are a few clips of him in action.


With that, you can examine ‘how tall is Dr. Disrespect’ replied.

Now that you understand the right size of the two-time — well, you see. You have some info you may not have had earlier. This tidbit won’t shake the Earth to its core by any stretch. You’re not going to transform lives learning this. It was fun to dive into something that isn’t super painful, wasn’t it?

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