Septic Safe Toilet Paper

Septic Safe Toilet Paper


Operating suitable toilet paper is significant for maintaining your septic method if you have a septic tank. Toilet paper that doesn’t crack down can accumulate and generate clogs, leading to a dreaded sloppy or expensive restoration. Septic-safe toilet article dissolves fast and totally to prevent plumbing difficulties.

Beyond being secure for the septic method, you also like the toilet paper to be soft, strong, and enjoyable. Read on for the differentiae to look for in the most suitable toilet paper for septic tanks and understand more about the greatest picks for keeping your design clog-free.


What to Consider When Selecting the Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

Ultra-plush toilet paper may touch luxurious and soft, but it often isn’t the most suitable pick for septic tanks since it takes an extended to crack down. One of the essential features to look for is comfortable dissolvability, which will prevent the toilet paper from getting and forcing clogs in the design. Ahead are the qualities to look for in septic-safe toilet paper.


Dissolves Quickly

Dissolvability is one of the essential components to look for in septic-safe toilet paper. Septic-safe toilet paper is usually labeled as such since it dissolves fast enough for most septic systems to manage. To be certain, you can also test the toilet paper by combining rare sheets into a big cup of moisture and seeing how readily it dissolves.

Even if not marked as such, recycled and biodegradable toilet paper tend to be septic-safe because of how they are created. Recycled toilet paper has a more reasonable chance of disbanding because it is usually created of shorter, recycled fibers that crack up more readily than lengthy, strong fibers operated in new toilet paper.

While all toilet paper is technically biodegradable, biodegradable toilet paper dies down faster than normal rolls. This toilet paper style also needs less water to crack down and takes up less room in a septic tank once it’s liquefied.


Chlorine Free

Septic tanks include anaerobic bacteria that crack down on destruction. Many everyday chemicals, like bleach, solvents, and some cleaning items, can unsettle the delicate equilibrium in the septic tank and affect trash breakdown.

For this reason, it’s best to bypass highly chemically ministered toilet paper. Since too much bleach can involve the decay function, and toilet paper is frequently whitened to get its white color, chlorine-free toilet paper is a more suitable choice.

Furthermore, consider opting for biodegradable or recycled toilet paper. Another advantage of biodegradable and recycled toilet paper is that it requires fewer chemicals to process, so it’s less possible to leach substances into your design.



Toilet paper that has holes and tears is annoying and undesirable to operate. Make sure to view the toilet paper’s moist strength, which is how nicely the paper holds up to tearing when wet. The perfect toilet paper for septic tanks has a high sufficiently wet strength to finish the career without tearing but lower wet strength than traditional toilet paper to break down fast once it’s flushed.

One-ply and two-ply toilet paper are the numerous common picks for septic method use, and both are suitable. One-ply tends to be small and strong, but it is safer for septic tanks since it’s lighter and dissolves the fastest. Two-ply papers are more powerful, more comfortable to operate, and can still be septic-safe. For many users, two-ply toilet paper is the perfect in-between for both nicety and dissolvability.



Thicker toilet papers tend to be better absorbent, but they can do a digit on a sensitive septic method. It’s best to avoid ultra-plush papers that reach a paper towel better than toilet paper—these toilet paper styles can have trouble liquefying.

Although ultra-thick toilet paper is often better porous and nice to use, it can clump up instead of cracking down once flushed. When toilet paper begins to collect and clump, the issues start, and it can cause excessive buildup or start stopping drainage. Instead, opt for a septic-safe toilet paper that is thick enough to be absorbent but created to dissolve soon after flushing.


Roll Size

Toilet paper reaches in a type of roll lengths and with various other labels, from regular to mega rolls. However, there is no classic sizing when it reaches toilet paper, so it’s significant to consider other methods to calculate cost-effectiveness and determine the most suitable size for you.

Examining the sheets per roll can support determining whether a trademark of toilet paper is worth the price. But also keep in reason the rate of the toilet paper; sheet size and thickness will impact how many sheets are required for each wipe.

Also, evaluate your intended use and open space when choosing roll length. If you have a less toilet paper roll holder, a limited storage area, or if the toilet paper is going in an RV or a boat toilet, a shorter roll size is more suitable. If you’re stocking up on a high-traffic bathroom, a bigger roll size may be additionally convenient.


Our Top Picks

The best toilet paper for septic tanks hits a harmony between comfort and dissolvability. It cracks down easily to prevent plumbing issues down the line, but it’s also silky, absorbent, and powerful. Ahead are the top toilet paper picks for septic tanks that are nice to use, affordable, and smoothly dissolvable to keep a clog-free system.


Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Toilet Paper

Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare is septic-safe without sacrificing convenience. This one-ply toilet piece is thin enough to crack down fast, but it has a soft and absorbent texture for a plusher sense. The sheets are biodegradable for a clog-free, sewer-safe, and septic-safe color.

Although single-ply, this toilet paper still offers a powerful and effective sanitary. It features Cottonelle’s Active Cleaning Ripples, a textured exterior design that helps nicely absorb and clean. Plus, each roll is made from plant-based fibers sourced from responsibly controlled forests. This box contains 24 mega toilet paper rolls, with 388 sheets per roll.


Angel Soft Toilet Paper

When it comes to toilet paper, multiple households attempt to balance cost, comfort, and effectiveness. Get a silky, effective, and affordable neat with Angel Soft Toilet Paper. Angel Soft strives to strike a perfect balance between softness and power without damaging the bank. Each two-ply sheet features its “Softshield” coatings for a comfier sense.

This toilet paper is stouter than some one-ply chances, which gives it a softer and stronger sense. It’s also flushable and septic-safe in well-maintained septic designs. This package contains 36 mega rolls with 425 sheets per roll, four times bigger than Angel Soft’s standard rolls to last extend between differences.


Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll of Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is an inevitable household cost. For those examining a budget-friendly choice, consider Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll toilet paper, which features an amazing 1,000 sheets of toilet paper per roll.

This one-ply toilet paper may feel less dense and luxurious than plusher chances, but its texture creates it an excellent clog-free choice. The toilet paper cracks down quickly once it strikes the water and is also 100 percent biodegradable. It’s secure for service in standard sewers, septic designs, RVs, boats, and campers. This box includes 32 rolls, which equals an affordable 32,000 sheets of toilet paper to keep your bathroom well-stocked for smaller.


Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper

Made to dissolve fast, Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper is a great pick for finicky septic methods, RVs, buses, and boats. This clog-free paper is specially created to prevent expensive blockages and clumps by cracking down as soon as it’s washed. According to Scott, this specially developed toilet paper cracks up to four periods faster than the leading middle label.

Each one-ply sheet is silky, absorbent, and soft on both the skin and septic methods. With how fast these sheets crackdown, it’s no shock that they’re 100 percent biodegradable to completely decompose over the period and contribute smaller muck to your septic tank. This package includes 48 double rolls with 231 sheets per signup.


Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper

Beyond being better for the environment, recycled toilet paper is a significant pick for septic methods. This toilet paper tends to crack down easier to control septic difficulties.

Seventh Generation White Recycled Toilet Paper is created with 100 percent recycled paper, covered in a 100 percent recyclable wrapper. And with no counted dyes, inks, fragrances, or chlorine bleach processing, this pick exits a more eco-friendly impact. Each two-ply sheet is silky and strong for effective cleaning. This pack contains 24 rolls with 240 sheets each. The rolls are secure in low-flow toilets, RVs, campers, and home septic plans.


Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper is created from fast-growing bamboo and sugarcane rather than trees. Another environmentally-conscious choice, this toilet paper is free of wood fiber. Instead, it operates fibers from sustainably produced bamboo and sugarcane, which grows much more quickly than trees.

To count on the eco-friendliness of this development, it’s also free from chlorine bleach processing, perfumes, and BPA. Although soft and healthy, this two-ply toilet paper is biodegradable and quickly disbands, creating security for septic systems, RVs, camping, and boating. This package includes 24 rolls, with 300 sheets per roll.


Presto! 308-Sheet Mega Roll Toilet Paper

Sick of continually changing out the toilet piece roll? For high-traffic bathrooms, think Presto Mega, Roll Toilet Paper. These two-ply mega registrations are soft, healthy, and thick, and last four periods longer than a regular middle roll. This box contains 24 large rolls with 308 4-inch by 4-inch sheets per roll.

Created from pulp sourced from sustainably handled forests, this toilet paper is strong but liquefies easily, creating it safe for RVs and septic methods. Plus, it’s scheduled to leave less annoying lint back for a cleaner wipe and a more awesome bathroom.

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