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In this article, you will learn soccer wordle. Ever since Wordle move mainstream, we’ve seen its fans make their arrangements of the game creating players who think the answers in the strangest paths are impossible. Until now, we’ve seen different versions of Wordle based on subjects ranging from maths, geography, music, movies, celebrities, and other puzzles.


If you depend on Wordle and you’re a football fan(or soccer fan, depending on your region), then “Who Are Ya?” is an excellent game for you. The game follows the footsteps of Wardle, where your goal (pun intended) is to suppose the name of the football players from Europe’s top clubs based on a blurred picture and other clues that will be shown established on your guests. Soccer Worlde is the best sport.


In this context, we’ll explain “Who Are Ya”? How it performs, and how to play it.


What is the “Who Are Ya”? Game?

Who Are Ya? is a Wordle clone that inquires about your football fandom by creating you to guess the players from their blurred pictures. They can be anybody from any squad playing in Europe’s top five leagues. The only hint to get you started is an image of a confused and discoloured player.


As you create your guesses, the image’s blurring power will gradually reduce to give you a better idea about who might be the player. You can categorize your guess and get extra clues like the player’s citizenship. You can then use these elements to make the next guess. 


Who Are Ya? Rules

If you’re a person who observes a lot of football, you can start playing “Who Are Ya?” straight away. The rules of the game are easy. You get a total of 8 tries at guessing the right player who is present in the blurred picture. The first image will be strongly blurry, and the photos will become slightly less blurred with subsequent attempts.


As for the player name, you can guess; the guess will be only helpful if:


  • The player names occur in the inquiry list when you start typing their name. You cannot order a word that does not happen in the game’s list.
  • Football plays in any of Europe’s top five clubs-Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Series A, and Ligue 1.
  • The player has created at least one formation at a club in any of the clubs mentioned above.

Players noted to a club but haven’t played any games in the respective company won’t appear inside the game’s inquiry tool. This implies that footballers who have played for a club but non-league matches won’t be suitable to arise here.


Based on your earlier attempts, you can narrow down your to-come guess only like on Wordle. If you’ve nailed any of the player’s citizenship, league, clubs, position, or age correctly, it will light up in green so that you understand you guessed it correctly.


Who Are Ya? Gamely explained


When you are first available, Who Are Ya? You will be able to see the game’s name at the very top alongside which (#) of the puzzle you’re playing; in this instance, it’s the 33rd mystery today.


The game’s creator has recently given users the option of whether they want to see the blurred image of the player or not. If you like the game to be challenging, you can keep the photo secret and rely on your football understanding the guess the player.


 You can use the Display photo option to get a peek at the player. If you view the player photo, you’ll see a blurred and discolored image of the football player you must specify.


Just under this picture is a parcel where you type in your guess. Here, you will see player advice when you enter just two notes of the player’s name you enjoy guessing. From here, users can click on the football to verify their guesses.


When you create a guess, the player’s details will load below his blurred picture, and this image will be slightly less blurred than the original one. As for the details, you will see a row of 5 tiles below the player character.


These five tiles will define the player’s citizenship, the league, the club they’re playing in, the location in which they play, and their years. If you guessed any of these tiles correctly, they’d be shaded in green, thus helping you narrow down the correct answer in future attempts. If the right player isn’t similar to the player you guessed, all five tiles will be grey. 


Players nationality:

                                 When this tile glow in green, it tells you guessed the proper citizenship of the player to determine. If false, the tile will look greyed out. For instance, if you thought Smith Rowe and the earliest tile is not green in color, the player you need to identify doesn’t play for England.


                When this brick lights in green, the players you guessed play in the same league as the one in the solution. If the tile is grey, the participant doesn’t play in a company, you thought, so there’s no point guessing a footballer who plays in the same club.



        When lit in green, the right player plays in the same club as the player you guessed. If you thought the right club, the League brick would also appear green in colour.



               If you guessed the player who plays in the exact place as the accurate answer, this tile would be underlined in green. This way, you can avoid thinking about the characters of players who play in the exact position across other leagues. E.g., if your solution is a goalkeeper and the player you guessed is Andrea Consigli, this tile will light up in green.



        If you think a player of the same age as the player you require to determine, this tile will be coloured green. If the period is wrong, it will be grey, but you will see up or down arrows adjacent to the guessed years. These arrows will tell you whether the assumed age is lower or higher than the actual age of the right player.

       In the screenshot above, you can choose from the last two guesses that the correct age of the player determines falls between 30 and 35


How to play Who Are Ya?


Now that you understand how the game functions, you can start playing it by seeing the official page-Who Are Ya? If you want to make your guess with a blurred picture of the player.

You will now see a picture at the top of the page that’s blurred and discoloured. Before making your first guess, you can check out this photo to examine for observable signs like hairstyle, facial structure, or skin tone.


Get Started:

                     To enter a guess, type the first two letters of the player’s name to see indications. If a player does not appear inside the search results, you can attempt their first, middle, or last names singly.

      When the player you like to guess occurs in the suggested list, click on it to confirm your attempts.

 After you enter your guess, you should see how good your guess was by examining green tiles among grey ones in the row below the blurred picture.

 If any of the player’s nationality, leagues, club, standing, or age is correct. Its respective tile on your guess will display in green.


The right way to approach


  Nailing the player’s citizenship can help you significantly as you can now deduce the answer in the lowest attempts.

  The same is correct if you can guess the players club rightly. As you can avoid listing players in a specific position or age bracket. Like in this case, having guessed Pogba in the last attempts created us realize. The correct player also plays at Manchester United, thus helping us pinpoint our guess to Fred.

  An excellent method to approach the game is to cover all clubs in your first few attempts so that you can round up your coming moves intelligently. E.g., suppose your previous guesses involved players from Premier Leagues, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1, and the “League” tile on all four of them stayed grey. In that case, you can narrow down that the player to specify belongs to Serie A.

  Another essential step in determining a player is looking for the correct age range. Even if you guess a wrong player whose age does not match the proper answer, the “Age” tile will still help determine the correct age. This tike shows you whether you have gone over or under the right age by showing down or up arrows.

  If nothing functions. You can still find the correct player by guessing players at other positions. Like in this case, after failing to get the “Position” tile green, we could check that the player we have determined is a goalkeeper.

  The more green tiles, the more comfortable it would be for you to make the correct guess in fewer attempts. If you successfully guess the right player in 8 shots, all five tiles under the player’s name will be green in colour.


Who Are Ya? Hard Mode

For someone who spends too much time observing football or playing FIFA. The game’s creator has rolled out a new Hard Mode. You can enable it at the start by connecting Hide Photo when the “Feeling Confident” banner shows up.

When enabled, you won’t notice the blurred image of the player you have to determine. And your only hints are from the guesses you make. So, just like Wordle, there are no initial clues to get you to begin. Instead of a blurred image, you’ll only see a (Question Mark Sign) occurs on the screen.

You can also enable Hard mode after the game loads up by connecting on the (Setting Sign) at the top right corner.

In the setting box that appears, turn on the Hard Mode toggle to play the game without the picture.


When does Who Are Ya reset?

Like Wordle, Who Are Ya resets weekly at zero hours local ti,e. It implies you can get a new puzzle when the clock strikes midnight in your area. When you access the statics section inside the same. You will see the time remaining for the next puzzle under the “New footballer in” label.


Can you play better than one mystery a day?

Yes. While Who Are Ya? It only lets you play today’s puzzle once, and you can still play better puzzles from the game’s archive. From here, you can play all the old games documented on The Who Are Ya? Webpage in the past.


How to play an old dare on Who Are Ya?

Who Are Ya? Lets you play more senior challenges other than today’s puzzle. To play old challenges, move Who Are Ya? And bond on the Calendar icon on the left side of the player image and see

When you do that, the game will show yesterday’s challenges. You can find older ones by replicating this step on an older puzzle page.


How to choose puzzles from one league?

If you’re someone whose football learning is selective and you think, Who Are Ya? There hard, then the game’s designers have created alternate versions where you have to guess a player from a league of your choice. In this path, you can play Who Are Ya ? with specific leagues like Premier League, La Liga, and Bundesliga. So, sport is very important in our daily life.


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