What Has Ears But Doesn’t Listen

What has ears but doesn’t listen

In this article, you will learn “What Has Ears But Doesn’t Listen”.  I am trying to find out what kind of animal doesn’t listen. It seems like an animal, but I don’t know what it is. Maybe it is a man?

Maybe it is a man

Maybe it is a man.

Maybe it needs to listen to me.

It may seem like an animal, but I don’t know what animal doesn’t listen to me. Maybe the baby has ears but doesn’t pay attention to me because perhaps he is tired after walking for hours on his own two feet, but does that mean that a baby must be afraid of anything? Does this mean that cars also have ears?

It seems like an animal.

You may have heard of “ears but don’t listen.” This is a person who listens to you but ignores what you say. They might be listening, but they’re also thinking about something else—maybe their phone or an episode of The Bachelor.

It’s interesting: animals have ears too! But just like humans and other people (and even cars), animals can’t hear as well as we do because their brains aren’t wired up for it. So how does this work?

What animal doesn’t listen

A dog is an excellent example of an animal that doesn’t listen. Dogs can hear but don’t pay much attention to what you’re saying because they’re busy sniffing around and getting into trouble. If you try to tell your dog “no” or “stop,” chances are he’ll ignore you entirely and continue snooping for treats or toys in the kitchen cabinets. Horses are similar: they have ears but no interest in listening to what anyone has to say—even when their lives might depend on it!

Maybe it is a baby

Maybe it is a baby.

Babies are not listening and don’t understand, so they play and cry.

It is not paying attention to me.

The answer is yes: it’s a man.

Maybe you think it’s not an animal because your cat listens to you, but then again, cats are also animals and don’t listen.

It could be an infant who doesn’t have ears yet. Still, even babies are born with their own set of physical senses—they can smell what they need to eat and drink, feel their mother’s warmth, hear her voice through the womb (if she’s speaking), see the light through closed eyelids (if she has them); taste sweet foods on her tongue—and so forth! If anything, infants would be more likely than adults to pay attention to us humans because we are closer in age and perhaps more accessible for them to understand.

Does a car have ears?

No, cars don’t have ears. It’s not a car. What animal doesn’t listen?

I don’t know

I don’t know what it is.

I am still determining what it’s called.

I need to find out where it lives and eats, or even how many legs the thing has, for that matter.

But what if we did? What if we took this mystery and made a list of everything we know about our mysterious earless animal friend?


It is fair to say that all animals have ears, but not all animals listen. We are always listening to someone or something in our lives. But how do we know if we are hearing?

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