What Kind Of Slope Failure Is Shown In This Figure

…….What kind of slope failure is shown in this figure

A slope failure is the failure of a slope to remain stable and can include landslides, slumps and rockslides. The term “slope” refers to the condition of a surface that is not level but has a slope. This article will discuss common slope failures, including landslides, slumps and rockslides.

Slope failure

In this example, slope failure is a landslide resulting from water erosion and soil movement that causes a slope to becoming unstable. The hill can break into pieces or slide down the hillside.


Landslides are a form of slope failure. They can be natural or artificial and come in different sizes and speeds. From small slides to large landslides that destroy everything around them.

  • Natural landslides occur when an earthquake, seismic activity, or some other type of earth movement causes the ground to move.
  • Artificial landslides: Landslide instability can be caused by mining activities like coal that disturb the surrounding area by digging out underground spaces and leaving them unstable. Because they’re not correctly sealed off (this could also cause groundwater issues). Another example would be when people build houses on top of hills without considering how much weight these structures would put on those hills over time; this leads us back down again into our first category!


Slump is the most common type of slope failure. It is caused by the loss of a thick, cohesive layer that has been saturated for some time and remains under pressure. The soil can slump because it cannot support its weight, resulting in a sudden drop in elevation and increased friction between the layers below it. Slumps can also be triggered by rainfall, earthquakes or human activity (such as maintenance).


A rockslide is a type of slope failure that occurs when rock particles break off from the slope and slide down, killing vegetation and damaging buildings. Rockslides are often caused by heavy rain or snowfall in a particular area. Which causes water to accumulate on top of previously saturated soil. The friction between these two layers causes them to slide downslope together, creating an avalanche-like effect.

Sometimes this type of landslide can be hazardous; if you’re caught in one, it’s recommended that you try your best not to move too much until help arrives!

Slope failure

Slope failure is a slope failure that occurs when water flows down an incline. Causing it to break or change shape. It can be caused by rainwater, other liquid water, snowmelt, and groundwater. The slope may fail at its bottom or near the top due to erosion or another cause of instability. If a large amount of soil or rock falls down the side of a hillside. this can lead to slope failure.

Slope failures involve large materials moving at high velocities (such as rockslides). These events are often sudden and unpredictable; they’re also tricky for nearby humans because they can cause severe damage if not appropriately monitored.


This blog post is about slope failure.

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